With the implementation of the MS-DRGs and the CMS-Instituted RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) Audits, Physician Queries are now more important than ever. The format of these forms is not protected and may be modified as necessary. Copy the form onto your hospital letterhead. These Physician Query Forms may not be copyrighted, re-sold, or re-distributed without the prior written consent of Healthcare Cost Solutions, Inc. Physician Query Forms listed on this page were developed to address the required MS-DRG information and in response to California hospital experiences with the RAC Audits. Support:  CEUnits@hcsstat.com or 866-427-7828.


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  Blank / Multi-Purpose Documentation Clarification Query

  Altered Mental Status Query $20

  Anemia Query


  Angina Query


  Bacteremia Query


  Body Mass Index Query

  Blood Pressure Abnormality Query
  Bronchoscopy Query
  Chest Pain Query
  Chronic Kidney Disease Query
  Congestive Heart Failure Query
  Convulsions Query
  Cor Pulmonale Query $20

  Debridement Query


  Diabetes Mellitus Query


  Drug Use Query $20
  DVT/Thrombosis Query $20
  Fractures Query $20
  Gastrointestinal Bleeding Query $20
  Hypertension Query $20
  Incision Drainage Query $20
  Major Depression Query $20
  Metabolic Disorder Query $20
  Myocardial Infarction Query $20
  Nutritional Disorders Query $20
  Pathology Report Query $20
  Pneumonia Query $20
  Present on Admission Query $20
  Principal Diagnosis Query $20
  Pulmonary Congestion Query $20
  Pulmonary Edema Query $20
  Renal Dysfunction Query $20
  Respiratory Conditions Query $20
  Schizophrenia Query $20
  Sepsis - Septicemia Query $20
  Skin Ulcer Query $20
  Spinal Fracture Query $20
  Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Query $20
  Tachycardia Query $20
  Urosepsis Query $20


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